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At TEE Fire Safety Systems, we offer a complete installation service for your fire alarm, emergency lighting, or associated fire safety equipment, we also supply and install portable fire extinguishers.

All installation work is carried out by our qualified staff and all work is fully certified to the relevant standards.

Installation work can vary from complete new builds to retro fits to add-ons to existing systems.

We can also design new systems if requested, and provide a design cert.


After a system has been installed, the next step is to commission it. This a very important step, as it ensures the system is fully operational, and in compliance with the relevant standards. Our engineers are fully trained in the commissioning process, and in whats required by the relevant standards.

Whether you require to upgrade an existing system or install a brand new system, we can discuss the various options and go through what is best for you.


Fire Alarm Maintenance (IS 3218 2013)

The threat of fire exists 365 days a year and has the potential to surface any time of the day or night. With fire systems being designed to protect 24 hours a day, TEE Fire Safety systems has a dedicated team of service engineers providing scheduled preventative maintenance calls, in addition to reactive service calls, 24 hours a day. This service includes a 24 hour call out service with guaranteed response times (subject to contract).

Emergency Lighting Maintenance (IS 3217 2013)

Irish legislation places a mandatory requirement for the provision and regular maintenance of emergency lighting in all public and commercial buildings. Not only can we design your emergency lighting systems and luminaires, we can also advise on appropriate locations and light levels in accordance with current Irish regulations.

You will have peace of mind in the knowledge that your lighting will work efficiently and safely in the event of an emergency.Our dedicated engineers will service your system quarterly, provide detailed reports on failed emergency luminaires and make all necessary repairs.

Fire Extinguisher service and maintenance

TEE Fire Safety systems can supply, install and service fire extinguishers and accessories in your premises in accordance with “IS 291” & “BS5306”.

Under the “Fire Service Act 1981(2003)” & “SHWWA General Application Regulations 2007” all persons having control over a premises and/or employers are required to make provisions against the outbreak of fire. One of these requirements is to have an appropriate number of working fire extinguishers installed on your premises and to ensure that they are serviced on a regular basis, in accordance with the Irish Standard “IS291”.

Other Maintenance Service:

  • Fire Suppression Systems
  • Leak/moisture detection
  • Gas Detection
  • Air Sampling systems

User Responsibilities

The following are a summary of your User Responsibilities as taken from the current Irish Standards (IS 3218 2013)

Daily Inspection (Responsible Person)

  • Ensure the Green Power On indicator is lit
  • Inspect for any Fault Indicator lit on the panel or internal sounder sounding
  • Inform the designated responsible person of any faults and log the event in the Fire Alarm Log Book.
  • In buildings not in continuous or daily occupation, it may not be practical to carry out a daily check.
  • In such circumstances the checks should be carried out on each occasion that the building is used.

Weekly Test (Responsible person)

  • Ensure all indicator lamps are operational and check that the internal sounder operates
  • Operate a Manual Call Point or Detector to test the system.
  • Check sounders are operational in all areas of the building.
  • Reset the system
  • A different Manual Call Point or Detector should be used for each test.
  • Check that all Call Points & Detectors are not obstructed in any way.
  • Enter test & results of the test in the Fire Alarm Log Book.

Quarterly Test (Service Providers Responsibility)

  • The responsible person should ensure that every three months the following checks are carried out by a competent person /Service Company.
  • Check all previous log book entries and clarify that any remedial actions required have been taken.
  • Check the battery and its connections. (Batteries shall be replaced every 4 years to ensure correct operations)
  • Test 25% of the Fire Alarm System to ensure correct operation, rotating areas at each visit.
  • Remove Mains Supply and check that the batteries are capable of supplying the alarm sounders.
  • Particular attention should be made to areas where alterations to the system or structure have been carried out since last inspection.
  • Any defects shall be recorded in the log book and reported to the responsible person, and actions should be taken to correct it on the instructions of the responsible person.